Our mission is to help you become a safer, more skilled and more confident aviator and to help you get more enjoyment out of your flying.


We follow a proven and effective, EASA compliant syllabus, but tailor each lesson to fit the individual pilot, to provide a gateway into the exciting world of competition aerobatics or just to have fun safely! Our mission is to help you become a safer, more skilled and more confident aviator and to help you get more enjoyment out of your flying.

Diamond DA40

World-Famous Aircraft

We can offer a package course, or we can do individual flights to suit your needs or budget. We instruct in an incredibly capable and reliable Extra 300 (midwing) and the mighty Xtremeair XA42!

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For the private, recreational and sportsman pilots, corporate, commercial airline pilots and owner pilots – those courses will be an unforgettable experience which will bring the skills and feeling of flight to a new level.




The mighty extra 300 is a tried and tested aerobatic aircraft. The machine is the brainchild of German aircraft stunt pilot and plane maker Walter Extra. 


Xtremeair XA42

The unlimited two-seated aerobatic aircraft XA42 is manufactured and certified entirely with a carbon fibre fuselage and structural design.


While each course is customized for the individual, we usually start with various stalls and  unusual attitudes which gives the student a confidence and feel for the airplane, then spin avoidance and recovery techniques and Sportsman level aerobatics: aileron rolls, half rolls, loops, half Cuban eights, half reverse Cuban eights, the Immelman, the Hammerhead and the Humpty Bump, and advanced maneuvers such as the vertical rolls on uplines and downlines. We also teach the art linking maneuvers together into a sequence taking into account energy management and thus – safety!

The course consists of flight and ground training phases: 

  • 8 hours of theory
  • 5 hours of flight (~15 sorties)
  • Assessment of competence – demonstration of safe “Sportsman” level flight sequence 

*Please note that aforementioned amounts are minimum legal requirements. We believe it is possible to achieve a solid level of competence in basic aerobatic maneuvers within the timeframe. However, aerobatic flying is an art, not just a skill which can be easily measured. Moreover, each pilot’s physiology and stamina differs. Thus we recommend not to rush fitting yourself into 5 hours, but instead to concentrate on the quality and not to forget the most important thing, to enjoy and have fun!

While most schools tend to use less powerful and cheaper to use aircraft for the aerobatic training, we believe that direct transition to 300+hp monoplane has many advantages and saves time eliminating the need to learn and then re-learn. We will facilitate the transition as needed, based on student overall experience and confidence.

Even though the course is designed to be flown in the Extra 300, we can include Xtremeair XA42 transition in it (dependent on student performance).



passport/ ID

Valid 1 or 2 class
medical certificate

Drop us a message with your needs and our team will come back to you shortly!